Work Cover Injuries. Getting You Safely Back to Work.

Occupational Health Mackays provide specialised and customised services in the areas of Injury Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation.

We provide immediate appointments for all acutely injured workers and provide a diagnosis and effective treatment of the work-related injury.

Our treatment and ongoing care assists the employee achieve the quickest and safest but highest level of physical and functional capacity after injury.

We advise on safe alternative duties for the return to work program, initiated in cooperation and in liaison with employers and rehabilitation providers - including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists, when necessary. 

This provides a complete assessment of the injured worker, which together with early treatment and comprehensive ongoing treatment with individually-prepared rehabilitation plans ensures the injured worker is returned safely and quickly to full duties.

The benefits of Rehabilitation to both employee and employer include :

  • Return to work quickly and safely
  • Less time spent recovering from injury
  • Reduced level of impairment
  • Reduced costs of worker downtime
  • Improved mental status for injured worker.

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