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Dr Manda Brits is an appointed Authorised Health Professional to perform rail health assessments.
Candidates are assessed against the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers - Oct 2012 published by the National Transport Commission.
(This information is referenced from the above publication). For a PDF copy, please contact our office.

Rail safety workers classified in Categories 1,2 and 3 require health assessments at pre-placement and before changing to a position involving tasks of a higher risk category. The assessments are aimed at determining a worker's initial fitness to perform the full range of inherent job requirements and job demands of the rail safety position that they have applied for, and should match the risk category of the job they are entering.

Periodic health assessments
Periodic health assessments are conducted to identify health conditions that may affect safe performance of rail safety work. They should be conducted for Categories 1, 2 and 3 rail safety workers according to the following defined frequencies. Rail Transport operators may choose to implement more frequent periodic health assessments should the need and rationale be identified.

Category 1 and 2: Safety Critical Workers
At the time of commencement, then:
- every 5 years to age 50, then
- every 2 years to age 60, then
- every year.

Category 3: Around the Track Personnel in an Uncontrolled Environment
At the time of commencement, then:
- at 40 years of age, then
- every 5 years.

Triggered Health Assessments
Triggered health assessments are conducted in response to incidents or concerns regarding the worker's ability to perform their job safely. The assessments aim for early intervention and appropriate management of health problems likely to affect safety. They overlay periodic health assessments, and help to identify and manage illness of unpredictable and rapid onset.

Rail transport operators should be alert to indicators of ill health and should discuss these with the rail safety worker.
Examples of trigger situations include:
- Scheduled review assessments (recommended by the Authorised Health Professional)
- Sick leave and patterns of absenteeism
- Accident/ incident patterns
- At a worker's request

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