Mine Rescue Medicals

Occupational Health Mackay performs medical assessments for Queensland Coal Mines Rescue Service personnel.

A Mines Rescue medical is simply a more involved Coal Board Medical. The further tests which are required include a personal physical fitness test, ECG if over the age of 35 and blood test which must be met. A Chest Xray is also required if on an underground mine site.

Mines rescue operations are physically and psychologically demanding and may involve working conditions that would not normally be considered tolerable.

Toxic atmospheres and poor ventilation, along with heavy physical work such as shifting fallen material and retrieving casualties, significantly increases the risk for heat stress, particularly as heat and humidity underground may already be high.

These conditions require a higher level of personal health and fitness than required for normal mining operations. For this reason, the health assessment for mines rescue personnel needs to be more stringent than that for normal mining work (e.g. the Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme).

Health assessment for mines rescue personnel must be carried out:

  • Every two years for persons up to age 40, and
  • Every year for persons aged 40 and over.

The health assessment is in two parts:

  • Part A is the medical examination conducted on the approved form for the Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme, but applying more stringent criteria
  • Part B is the assessment of physical fitness through the VO2 max step test.

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