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A coal board medical is a pre-requisite for anyone seeking employment in the coal mine industry.  Occupational Health Mackay has significant experience in conducting Coal Board Medicals that are suitable for both Queensland and New South Wales mines.

Information for Employees & Candidates

Every coal mining company must ensure that a health assessment is carried out for each person who is to be offered employment, or is already employed as a coal mine worker. The medical assessment must be carried out before the person is employed and periodically thereafter – with a complete assessment performed at least once every five years.

Prospective employees will complete an Interim Medical Assessment and enables the employer to assess your initial suitability for employment. The interim report contains NO medical information, only the need for conditions (such as wearing glasses, hearing devices, etc).

All information will be provided to the applicant for the information needed for the recall.

For additional information, please download :

Cardiovascular Health QuestionnairreCoal Board Medical Fact Sheet (PDF)

Cardiovascular Health QuestionnairreCoal Board Medical Questionnairre (PDF)

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Information for Employers

Employers' responsibilities pertaining to health assessments are regulated the Coal Mining and Safety Health Regulations 2001.  The legislation prohibits providing any documents other than the 'Section 4' to the employer.

Under Section 47 (3) of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulations 2001 the employer must pay for all , or part of the cost of the Health Assessment and not only by the mine-worker.

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