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A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is conducted to ensure that each employee has the capacity to safely perform the demands of their job.  They are designed to prevent injury in the workforce and play a key role in Workplace Health and Safety.

At Occupational Health Mackay we understand the importance in keeping up to date with the latest in Occupational Health processing and requirements, and are specialists in conducting Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are becoming an integral part of the recruitment process and involve a series of tests and observations such as :

  • Physical strength,
  • Stamina,
  • Range of movement, and
  • Tolerance to functional activities (lifting, carrying etc).

A Functional Capacity Evaluation may be conducted on an applicant for a new position, or an employee who is returning to work after injury.

For more information, please download :

Cardiovascular Health QuestionnairreFunctional Capacity Evaluation Fact Sheet (PDF)

The benefits of conducting a Functional Capacity Evaluation include :

  • A safer working environment,
  • Reduction in workplace injuries,
  • Minimised downtime,
  • Reduction in Work Cover claims and insurance costs,
  • Structured and safe return to work programs, and
  • Matching the capacity of the employee with the role.

The company is provided with a comprehensive report on the results of the evaluation, including a return to work program or suitable duties plan as relevant. 

The FCE is individually designed to meet the needs of the company and position of the worker with the a range of tests available, including Step Tests, Stress Tests, Strength Tests, Lower and Upper Limb Tests and Weight Lift Testing

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