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Occupational Health Mackay is focused on helping our clients achieve greater legislate compliance through medical health assessment, surveillance and risk management.

We provide the highest standard of health assessments making sure that all employees are examined and carefully evaluated to minimise the risk of work place injuries by advice on placement with appropriate task management in appropriate positions, creating and maintaining a safer workplace.

As our Medical Practitioners specialise in Occupational Health we ensure that all future employees of the companies we service are carefully assessed so they can be placed in appropriate positions, minimising the risk of workplace injury.

We are highly proactive in the treatment and rehabilitation of workers injuries and apply the best practice to provide the best care of any injured employee to reduce lost time injury rates for the employer.

We work closely with company rehabilitation providers and safety officers so injured workers can quickly but safely return to work using suitable duties with rehabilitation allowing progression to their normal duties without further recurrence of the injury.

Regular reviews are undertaken to ensure the standard of our medicals, advice and rehabilitation continue to provide the highest standards of our Industry.

We continue to review the standards and techniques of our rehabilitation of injured employees during their return to full duties, maintaining all acceptable time frames and safety regulations; and to ensure that our assessment and evaluation of medicals remains at the highest possible levels of Industrial safety and medicine.

We remain open to consultation with the employer, or his chosen representative to assist them to run their business efficiently, with associated reduction in WorkCover costs.

Our main focus is keeping our standards current to match any new Health & Safety Legislations. This ensures we consistently deliver a reliable, up to date service.

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