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At Occupational Health Mackay, it is our aim to minimise the time, cost and frustration that is often associated with organising and managing your occupational health needs.

Reviews and Restrictions

Let us take the hassle out of reviews!

We send out reminder letters to employers and employees regarding their next review. This enables the employee sufficient time to have their review done without missing out on work.

Please note: We cannot take any responsibility for an employee not having their review done on time.

Booking / Appointment Information

Thirty minutes is allocated at the start of a medical for the worker to complete relevant medical/personal history. We do request that workers present at the time delegated by surgery staff to avoid any inconvenience to other surgery clientele. Some tests such as hearing, breathing, urine etc. are completed by staff before the person sees the Doctor for the actual medical.

Medical and Reception staff time is affected by workers not attending or failing to cancel an appointment. The Dedicated time is allowed in daily roster allocated for these medicals. Arriving late or failure to show is disruptive to medical schedules and the Doctor still has to be paid for his or her time. Therefore these missed appointments attract a fee of 50% of consultation fee (for the basic medical).

Explaining The Medical Process to Your Employee

The medical begins with an interview to assess any existing concerns the worker may have regarding their current health status. These assessments are conducted in a non-threatening manner, and provide patients with the confidence and assurance they need to develop and maintain good physical and mental health and well-being.

We conduct a thorough check-up according to established Queensland Coal Board guidelines or guidelines given for the type of medical requested.   As the safety and well being of the worker is paramount we instigate any further medical tests or procedures necessary.

These tests may include ECG (electrocardiograph - tracing of the heart). The Employer/Company will be contacted prior to these tests being undertaken. X-rays are needed for underground medicals.

After the medical examination, the patient will have a clear understanding of their state of well-being and capacity for activity in the workplace. Recommendations will be given as to the client's fitness for duty, and steps that may need to be undertaken to ensure longevity of good health and safe working practices.

Patients Requiring Further Testing

Should we find it necessary for the patient to undergo further testing, we will contact you before proceeding.

Sometimes further advice on steps that should be taken towards full functional capacity may be necessary. In which case, if you advise in the affirmative, we can provide assistance in facilitating such rehabilitation.


Same day results are available for morning appointments, results for afternoon appointments are available early the following morning. Immediate results are available for all Commercial Vehicle and Dangerous Goods medicals or if pre-arranged.

To avoid delays in receiving medicals please ensure that payment details have been organised prior to the medical examination. A medical will not be released until payment or purchase order has been received.

We pride ourselves on delivering prompt accurate delivery of all individual reports.

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