Occupational Health Information

We understand and recognise that an individual's lifestyle is made up of a personal set of health habits which can have a considerable effect on each workplace environment.

Health issues can be debilitating with long-lasting effects for the worker while the company suffers because of reduced productivity and increased risk of injury. We are committed to the implementation of Health and Wellbeing empowering employees to make positive health and lifestyle choices. Tool box talks on any of the below issues can be conducted by one of our experience Medical Officers.

Skin Cancer Facts

Malignant Melanoma (moles) Common in Australia, USA and Canada and mainly due to recreational exposure - especially in children There is no d..
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Heat & Humidity at Work

Knowledge The effects of alcohol and caffeine (coffee, cola and strong tea) causes dehydration - more urine is passed than fluid consumed. There..
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Normal hearing has maximum decibel loss of below or around 10 –20 decibels. However, when these numbers (of decibel loss) get higher it ..
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Healthy Lifestyle Hints

Keeping in Shape – Inside & Out Good health is not something that can be expected it is actually something that we must work at and ch..
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Smoking is one of the major causes of coronary heart disease (heart attacks), especially with other risk factors such as high cholesterol and fami..
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