Exceeding the Expectations of our Customers

"OHM are extremely easy to deal with. The staff, are EXTREMELY helpful & ALWAYS accommodating. Occupational Health Mackay deliver the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MACKAY. Justine & the team are a REAL credit to Occupational Health. "

Chelsea Hogg – Emerald Carrying Company

"I have continued to use OHM over other providers due to the courtesy/professionalism of all staff and their ability to supply medical information promptly. They have implemented new services lately such as notifications via email when renewals of Medicals are required. This helps us immensely rather than having our guys not permitted on site due to expired medicals, we have them revised on time. "

Delwyn Thompson – ODG Haden

"We chose OHM due to location, Dr Fenner’s experience and expertise in Mining / occupational medicine, Dr Fenner’s vested interested in Men’s Health, Justine’s knowledge (very very helpful!) and their ability to work with us as a team with a common goal. They are very knowledgeable and have the ability to recognise what and why we need certain services, they understand our view point, and take workers on at short notice. We enjoy working with Occupational Health Mackay. "

Natalie Lather – Peabody Energy

"The staff are always friendly and helpful, & they assist us with urgent bookings all the time as best as they possibly can.  Being able to do a medical & functional assessment in the one location with the one booking and the same provider instead of having to send our candidates to 3 different providers and locations is a bonus. The team at OHM are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and polite. "

Tanya Coenraad - DMS Group



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