The Longest Serving Occupational Health Provider

Occupational Health Mackay is the longest serving Occupational Health provider in the region, supplying essential and efficient medical services for over 28 years. Our aim is to deliver a total Occupational Health solution to both employers and employees – and to minimise the time, cost and frustration that is often associated with this complex process. Our passion is ensuring that your business and your employees are operating to their full, safe and healthy potential. We keep you working.

We offer same day appointments for a wide range of medicals, evaluations, tests and treatments.

We are also one of the few Occupational Health providers that have a medical practice on-site, which enables both assessment and treatment in the one location. This includes :

  • Treatment of work cover injuries
  • Return to work rehabilitation

For more information, please download :

Cardiovascular Health QuestionnairreOur Practice Fact Sheet (PDF)

We also provide other comprehensive clinic based services and testing facilities such as Hearing, Lung Function and Heart Testing (ECG), just to name a few.

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